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What makes AQUOS Crystal unique?
AQUOS Crystal features a large 5-inch display on a compact narrow body. The edge-to-edge screen revolutionizes the way users look at and interact with their phones.


Is there a hole on device for lanyard?
Is battery removable?
No, the battery is not removable.
Why is the back cover removable?
Both SIM and SD card slots can be found on the inside back cover. Users can access them by opening the back cover.


What is the display panel made out of and how strong is it?
The display panel is made of acrylic and it meets the specific quality standard to minimize damage from scratches and/or drops.
Why did you choose acrylic to make the display panel instead of using glass?
This is based on the considerations of design, quality, and market acceptance.
Why does AQUOS Crystal provide HD instead of Full HD resolution?
In order to provide the best user experience, HD resolution will consume less power versus Full HD to prevent frequent charging.


What is Clari-Fi?
Clari-Fi is one of Harman Kardon's audio technologies that improves digital sound quality by restoring all types of compressed digital music.
Can I use other speakers besides the Harman Kardon's speaker to enjoy Clari-Fi effect?
Yes, Clari-Fi effect will work with any headset or speaker connected via audio jack or bluetooth. The effect will depend upon the characteristic of each headset/speaker.
Which music genre will benefit the most from the Clari-Fi effect?
All music genres can benefit from the Clari-Fi effect. From our experiments, percussion seems more distinct.
Does Clari-Fi also affect the quality of voice calls or just music?
Clari-Fi has no effect on voice calls. Clari-Fi works on media, music and movies.
Will the RAM usage increase when Clari-Fi is on?
The RAM usage will increase when Clari-Fi is on, but no evidence shows that using Clari-Fi will affect the performance of other operations.
How can I turn on Clari-Fi visualizer?
Go to [Settings], select [Harman/Kardon audio], check [Enable Clari-Fi Visualizer].
Short cut: The Clari-Fi Visualizer icon will be shown next to volume bar while playing music/video.
Is AQUOS Crystal pre-installed with any music encoder?
My music files cannot be recognized on AQUOS Crystal.
Please make sure your music files are DRM free (Digital Rights Management). Some music files can only be played on the specific device that the purchase was made.
Does AQUOS Crystal have a Speaker Phone option besides of Direct Wave Receiver?
Yes. Unlock the phone when you are making the phone call. Four icons will be at the bottom of screen. Press the second icon (phone image) from the left. You will be offered three selections including Speaker, Earpiece and Bluetooth. Select "Speaker" option to switch to Speaker mode.

Phone calling

What are the differences between Bone Conduction and Direct Wave Receiver?
Bone conduction conducts the soundwave to skull bone directly. Direct Wave Receiver vibrates the display panel to produce sound.
Since AQUOS Crystal does not support a proximity sensor, will the screen turn off while making a phone call?
The screen will turn off after detecting the touch on the surface. In addition, the screen will be locked automatically while calling to prevent mis-operation. Users can easily unlock the screen by swiping the icon during the call.
Will the screen protector affect the sensitivity of touch panel?
Screen protectors generally have little effect on touch panel sensitivity, unless it happens to be extraordinarily thick. *The phone operation is not guaranteed with use with any screen protector.

Clip Now

How do I use Clip Now correctly?
Use your finger to swipe the top edge of display panel from left to right (or from right to left).
How do I turn off the sound of Clip Now?
Once turning off the ringtone, the sound of Clip Now will be off.
Does Clip Now still work with screen protector on?
Normally, screen protectors will not affect Clip Now's functionality.


What is the F-number of AQUOS Crystal camera?
The F-number is 2.4.
Does the device support Photo Sphere? Is it possible to take Photo Sphere by downloading Google Camera?
AQUOS Crystal does not support Photo Sphere. There is no gyroscope equipped.
Why does my picture look black after uploading to Instagram?
Resolved with SA300 firmware update on 12/11, 2014. If you choose not to update the firmware, please go to Instagram Settings to disable "High-Quality Image Processing". view Instagram instructions here.
Is there an option to mute the camera "shutter sound"?
Yes. Please hold the volume DOWN key to mute the device.
Is there any physical button, other than the on-screen camera button that I can use to take pictures?
Yes, both Volume UP & DOWN will work as the shutter to take pictures.


Does the display rotate when using map applications, even if the device does not support gyroscope sensor?
Yes, the display rotates when using map application since the device supports geomagnetic sensor.
Is AQUOS Crystal waterproof?
Does AQUOS Crystal have proximity sensor?
Is AQUOS Crystal different in Japan and US versions?
The design of device is almost identical; however the user interface and supported network are different.
What language does AQUOS Crystal support?
There are two language options on user interface, English and Spanish. AQUOS Crystal supports various language inputs.
Does AQUOS Crystal support FM radio?
Yes, AQUOS Crystal does support FM Radio via an app called “NextRadio”. A headset which works as an antenna, is required to be plugged into audio jack to receive the FM radio.

Warranty Service

Does your device need warranty service? Who is your carrier?
Sprint Prepaid: Please contact the Sprint Prepaid Care Line at 1-855-639-4644.
Sprint Postpaid: Please contact one of Sprint’s repair facilities which can be found on their store locator at
Boost Mobile: Please contact the Sharp Mobile Care Center at 844-752-7751 or

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